Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system. They benefit your home in many ways, but when they’re not free-flowing your home can susceptible to damage from the roof all the way down to the foundation. Some common problems that can result from clogged gutters are:

  1. Foundation Issues

    Saturated soil exerts a lot of pressure on your home’s foundation and, over time, can cause shifting, cracking, and settling.

  2. Flooded Basement

    Gutters are one of the first things an inspector will check when a homeowner reports water in the basement.

  3. Water Damage

    Other things that can contribute toward the final cost include downspout extensions, downspout hinges, flashing, and tear-off and disposal of existing gutter system.

  4. Roof Damage

    Standing water in gutters can cause shingles and roofing underlayment to deteriorate. It can also penetrate the roof and cause interior water damage to ceilings and walls.

  5. Soffit & Fascia Rot

    Soffits and fascia can receive water damage from both the added weight of standing water in the gutters and directly from water damage.

  6. Ice

    When temperatures drop, clogged gutter problems multiply due to the increased risk of ice buildup and damming.

  7. Landscape Damage

    Overflowing gutters can do a great deal of damage to landscaping including damaging plants and causing erosion.

  8. Driveway/Sidewalk Damage

    Saturated soil can also damage driveways and sidewalks, posing a hazard to both people and vehicles.

  9. Pest Problems

    Standing water in clogged gutters attracts mosquitoes and other insects as well as the pests that feed on them.

Neglecting your gutters can cost you a small fortune. The best way to avoid these problems is to have them cleaned on a regular basis or to install a reliable gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet. Learn more about by contacting Siouxland Gutter Helmet today!