Every year an average of 90,000 people are sent to the emergency room because of ladder-related injuries. While using a ladder does come with its inherent risks, there are things that can be done to protect yourself when using a ladder.

  1. Choose the Appropriate Ladder for the Job

    Consider the height and weight requirements for the work you will be doing when choosing the correct ladder.

  2. Always Use the Ladder as Intended

    Follow instructions regarding ladder use and always maintain three points of contact and observe proper foot placement. Never overreach and avoid sudden, jerky movements.

  3. Inspect the Condition of the Ladder

    Prior to using your ladder, always ensure that all ladder parts (including the steps/rungs, the front and rear rails, any bracing, and the spreader) are in good shape and inspect all screws, nuts and bolts.

  4. Correctly Setup the Ladder Prior to Using

    Ladders should be set up at a stable angle and on firm, level, non-slippery ground. Avoid placing it in or near unlocked doors and windows, un-barricaded driveways, live electrical sources, trash bins, or any other obstructions.

  5. Wear Appropriate Footwear

    The wrong type of shoe can cause you to lose your footing on ladder rungs. Avoid using open-toed shoes, sandal, thongs, or any footwear with a flat or worn outsole. Always wear close-toed shoes with a grooved, anti-slip outsole.

Human error is the leading cause of ladder accidents. Even though ladder accidents are preventable, something the most effective solution is also the obvious: if at all possible, stay off your ladder. Gutter Helmet is the #1 name in American gutter protection. We’ve been keeping millions of American homeowner off ladders since 1981.